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Prostate biopsies through new, innovative technology called ExactVu Imaging Ultrasound. It magnifies the prostate to 300 times, allowing us to perform real-time targeted biopsies.

Central Ohio Urology Group is the only facility with ExactVu™ in Columbus, Ohio and the central Ohio region.

ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound lets our urologists actually see regions that may be suspicious so they can quickly identify benign or the suspicious regions and “target” the biopsies to that area. Micro-ultrasound has even better resolution than MRI and a 300% improvement over conventional ultrasound. The imaging session is fast, quick and painless.

Ask for your biopsy procedure to be guided by high resolution micro-ultrasound. To learn more or schedule an appointment:


The "Exact" difference

The ExactVu micro-ultrasound platform provides the most practical solution as a new tool for urologists to perform targeted biopsies within a standard urological workflow.

Visualization of old and new biopsy needle track

Video loop of targeting of prostate biopsy needle, guided by the ExactVu micro-ultrasound system and EV29L (29 MHz) transducer. An old, previous biopsy needle track can clearly be visualized in the prostatic tissue.

Fluid flowing through ejaculatory duct

Video loop of fluid flowing through the ejaculatory duct, as generated using the ExactVu micro-ultrasound system and EV29L (29 MHz) transducer.

Detection and targeting of small gleason 8 lesion

Shows the detection, visualization and targeting of a guided prostate biopsy using the ExactVu micro-ultrasound at a small Gleason 8 lesion. The small lesion is .88 cm x .67 cm (.35” x .26”) in size. Biopsy and Gleason 8 grading was verified by clinical pathology.

What is our physicians will tell you…

“The fact that Aquablation therapy is minimally-invasive and is a robotic procedure gave me a high degree of confidence.”

Evan B. Cohn, M.D.

“You did not know what you were missing, until someone showed you side-by-side the difference. We hope to use the increased definition of ExactVU to cut down on the number of biopsies for men, by avoiding false negatives that have plagued the previous generation of biopsy machines. Fewer biopsies means less chance for discomfort to the man and less chance of infectious complications. ”

Adam Weiser, M.D.

“MRI fusion ExactVu micro-ultrasound high definition prostate biopsies are superior to any other biopsy technique currently in the market. No prostate biopsy should be performed without this technology.”

Rashmi “Rush” I. Patel, M.D.

To learn more, contact us or request an appointment.

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