Dr. TJ Tausch of Central Ohio Urology Group Featured in Article About ED Among Veterans

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David Hopper highlights Central Ohio Urology Group’s Dr. Timothy “TJ” Tausch in his recent article featured in Giddy.

Certain Chronic Conditions That Cause ED Hit Veterans Harder

Men who served are more prone to PTSD and other conditions that can lead to erectile problems.

U.S. military veterans are at a higher risk of erectile dysfunction (ED)—the inability to get or maintain an erection satisfactory for sexual intercourse—than the general population. That is the conclusion of several studies in recent years involving erectile dysfunction and veterans. The numbers vary from study to study, ranging from a slightly higher risk to significantly higher. No matter the percentage, however, veterans—especially those younger than 40—typically experience ED more frequently because they are at a greater risk of experiencing so many of the chronic conditions that cause ED or contribute to it.

Some conditions are directly service-connected, while others are more indirect.

Timothy “TJ” Tausch, M.D., a urologist at Central Ohio Urology Group, said there are two main categories defining veterans and sexual health:

  1. Those who have sustained combat injuries
  2. Those with the routine issues that come with aging