Telehealth Appointments Now Available at Central Ohio Urology Group

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Dear Valued Patient,

During this unprecedented time, Central Ohio Urology Group remains committed to the health and well-being of our patients, and has quickly launched an alternative to in-office visits by offering Telehealth Appointments.

Telehealth Appointments allow you to speak directly with your physician, with both video and audio, through your computer or mobile device, without having to leave the safety of your home. Not all visits can be converted to a Telehealth Appointment. Our physicians and clinical care teams are available to help determine if your care can be adequately addressed and managed remotely.

We look forward to offering you the same attention and care, without leaving your home or office. If you are interested in scheduling a Telehealth Appointment, please contact our office at (614) 396-2684.


Best of health and safety,

Mark Cherney

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