Community Support

Financial Support:

Corporate Angel Network: 866-328-1313
Corporate Angel Network is an organization that helps cancer patients get the travel arrangements needed by utilizing empty seats on corporate jets. 

Medicare is a federal program that helps provide health insurance for anyone 65 years and older. 

Patient Advocate Foundation: 800-532-5274
Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF) works to help patients gain control of their healthcare. PAF helps with medical debt, insurance access, job retention and other medical issues.

National Patient Travel Center: 800-296-1217
National Patient Travel Center helps patients get long distance travel for medical treatment.

Needy Meds:
Needy Meds helps patients who cannot afford their medications and health care costs.

Support Groups:

Alliance for Prostate Cancer Prevention: 888-502-7227
The mission of APCaP is to promote prostate cancer awareness, education and advocacy  

Columbus Prostate Cancer Center: 614-944-4770
We treat every patient as family. Our compassionate team of care-givers work with you and your family in support of the best outcome possible. By providing quality education, support and advance treatment options, we ensure better care.

Haven of Hope at the Zangmeister Center: 614-383-6256
Haven of Hope provides free resources and programs to help restore life balance during cancer recovery, including therapeutic yoga, support groups, educational programs, a resource library and Licensed Social Workers.

Ohio Health Cancer Call: 614-566-4321
This group meets the fourth Wednesday of every month at the Arthur G. H. Bing, MD, Cancer Center to offer support to patient survivors, families and friends of those who are going through colorectal cancer.

Bereavement Service team at Ohio Health: 614- 566-4509
For adults who have lost a spouse. This group will begin meeting at Kobacker House once a month. 

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