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    You are not alone.

    Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among men, with roughly 240,000 new cases diagnosed in the U.S. every year. Most of these cases can be cured, thanks in part to early detection. But many are not that simple.

There is hope.

If your prostate cancer was caught late—or has come back even after appropriate treatment—there are still treatment options available. Treatments developed in the last few years can help put cancers like yours into remission, or at least slow them down, with minimal side effects that impact your quality of life.

We are here to help.

We’re the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic (APCC) at the Central Ohio Urology Group. We’re a team of 28 single-specialty urologists supported by a caring staff and highly qualified nurses. And we focus solely on the needs of advanced prostate cancer patients and their families.

To us, every patient is a person who deserves personalized care. Working with your existing doctors, we will build a plan that gives you the most advanced and appropriate treatments for the cancer you are facing.

We are currently accepting new patients. Call 614-396-2484 to schedule a consultation.

We are currently accepting new patients. Call 614-396-2484 to schedule a consultation.

What our patients are saying...

  • AN

    "There is nothing I can think of to improve on your superior care. Thank you!"

  • CC

    "Dr. Martin is really great at helping me understand what is going on with my cancer and alleviating my fears with considerate information. Jody, Gretchen and Rhonda are just wonderful. Everyone was as kind, considerate and inclusive to my wife as they were to me. Thank you! "

  • DS

    "Jenny and Jody are an amazing team (ie calling after hours to check up on how I was doing after my infusion)"

  • GA

    "The experience with all involved was absolutely outstanding. I was very pleased and amazed with the overall organization and coordination of my care. "

  • GV

    "Excellent Staff. Great attention to detail."

  • HE

    "The experience we had at the APCC was great! Dr. Martin, Jody, Jenny, Rhonda, and Ana were all absolutely wonderful. Their care and compassion were beyond compare and we can not thank you enough for everything. "

  • ME

    "Dr. Martin and the APCC staff have been aggressive in treating my prostate cancer, always keeping me informed about the latest treatment options. I received Provenge immunotherapy treatment two years ago and am currently in a clinical trial, testing a new drug. On the personal side, they always greet me with a smile and ask about my granddaughter. (She's the cutest baby ever!) At APCC, I receive the best of care and they treat me like family. "

  • ML

    "The compassion and care given to my wife and I throughout my provenge treatments by Jenny was outstanding!"

  • NM

    "Excellent Service."

  • PP

    "Excellent treatment."

  • RS

    "Nurse Jenny was excellent: Give her a raise. The other two ladies, Gretchen and Jody were excellent: Give them a raise too. Dr. Martin’s excellent and thanks to all of you!"

  • RW

    "My dad was extremely pleased with the staff at COUG…especially Rhonda."

  • TI

    "Jenny, Jody, Rhonda and Michelle were caring, professional, informative and made me feel comfortable during my infusions. Very friendly!"

  • WL

    "The nurses that took care of me were very professional and took very good care of me."

Treatments and therapies

The more you know about your options, the more prepared you’ll be to make the most of them. Here are descriptions of the treatments we offer.

Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT)

The most common therapy often referred to as a "hormone shot."
Read more.

Bone Cancer Treatments

Prostate cancer can spread to bone.
Read more.

Clinical Research Trials

Your Central Ohio Urology Group doctor will let you know of any research trials you may qualify for.
Read more.

External Beam Radiation

A treatment to alleviate pain caused by bone tumors.
Read more.

Provenge (sipuleucel-T)

A treatment that uses the immune system to fight cancer.
Read more.

Xgeva and Prolia (denosumab)

Medications to treat prostate cancer that has spread to bones.
Read more.

Xofigo (radium-223)

An intravenous radiation treatment for bone metastatic disease.
Read more.

Xtandi (enzalutamide)

A pill to inhibit the reception of androgens without prednisone.
Read more.

Zytiga (abiraterone)

This works inside to the cancer cell to inhibit the production of androgens.
Read more.

A Final word about these treatments

Cancer causes cells to mutate continuously. We can’t expect any of our treatments to last forever or result in an outright cure. But our specialists have strategies for making them as effective as possible. Most of our patients receive a combination of treatments in a sequence tailored to their individual needs. Newer treatments are always on the horizon and, over time, we will add the best of them to our arsenal.

Prostate Cancer Glossary


Source: American Urological Association

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