Xofigo (radium-223)

When prostate cancer spreads to the bone, your doctor may recommend Xofigo®. This intravenous radiation treatment is for symptomatic bone metastatic disease. Because its radioactive particles are delivered through a vein, they can travel to any bone tumor site in the body. Unlike Xgeva, Xofigo can actually attack cancer in the bone. Treatments are given once a month for six months, and pain can start to subside in as few as two or three treatments. Each injection takes just a few minutes.

There is a small risk of bone marrow damage, so your blood counts will be checked before each infusion.

Benefits of Xofigo

Xofigo was originally created simply to help relieve the often painful symptoms of prostate cancer in the bone. The original research study showed that many, but not all, did have some level of improvement in pain. However, what the researchers were pleasantly surprised to find was that most patients lived longer after receiving Xofigo, meaning its effect must go beyond just symptom relief.

The radiation from Xofigo targets and kills the cancer cells in your bones but does limited damage to surrounding, healthy cells. Many patients like the fact that even though Xofigo contains radioactive material, they can still have personal contact with others after treatments. You can socialize as usual and savor your time with family and friends.


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